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Welcome to SonjiaParker.com - a website and blog dedicated to sharing the journey of one woman looking to find her style, develop her skills, and add a dash of creativity to every aspect of her life.   Grab a cup of tea and join her!


“Do not be afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”
— Chinese Proverb


Although I have been "creative" for my entire life, it wasn't until I was first married that I began to seriously consider honing my artistic skills.  I knew that the journey ahead of me was bound to be outrageously rocky and difficult.  When I first launched the artistic side of my creative life,  I lacked any natural talent and/or special training.  And so there I was, jumping in feet first, taking my first steps.  What I didn't realize was how long and windy the road would really be.  Now, more than a few years later, I find myself still vulnerable, still exploring, and still learning.  And the cliché is right - the more I learn the less I know.  Yet, I'm having more and more fun and I finding an ever-changing and expanding knowledge base to draw on in order to bring something inside of me to life!  So here I am, offering you a peek into my journey and inviting you along, perhaps to even join me.  If you come to enjoy it a just small fraction of how much I already am, I’ll be happy.

Happy reading and creating!