Have you ever seen a piece of art and said “My kid could make that!”?  Having someone say that about my art is my goal in life.  

Children have this way of getting directly to the essence of their subject matter, unencumbered by society’s expectations of them, unselfconscious of their own short-comings, and totally 100% bold and authentic in their use of color, space, and line.  Children have an innate ability to find beauty, whimsy, and fun in even the bleakest of circumstances, and it shows clearly in their artwork.

It also has important ramifications for society, because we create our own reality.  We view a concrete circumstance, a fact, and we draw conclusions about it based on our own hopes, fears, beliefs, and associations.  So this ability to see the world differently, to see it in a better light is our greatest defense against a dystopian world.

Inspired by children, I am working to unveil the whimsy and beauty of the world around us.  I am a psychological warrior and you are welcome for my service to humanity.